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Needles & Syringes

As the number one online supplier of medical equipment, Medione offers needles, syringes, single use alcohol prep pads and reusable tourniquets. Whether you're refilling central supply or your own medical bag, we have just the right supplies to keep you properly stocked. Medione proudly sells a variety of syringe needle gauges from Terumo, a worldwide leader in design, manufacture and marketing of hypodermic needles and hypodermic syringes. With their unique, double bevel design and precision manufacturing, Terumo syringes consistently provide ultra sharp needles that translate into easier insertions and less pain for the patient.

We offer syringes and needles with Luer Lock tips and bare slip syringes to accommodate any budget or preference. For skin preparation, economical Briemar boxes of alcohol prep swabs as well as Prepswab S&N Medi-Swab Pre Injection Swabs. For those needing protective film wipes, we offer No-Sting Skin Prep Wipes from Smith & Nephew. No-Sting Skin Prep Wipes form a transparent protective interface that helps protect the skin and can be applied to intact or damaged skin to reduce the potential of irritation associated with urinary and fecal incontinence and adhesive trauma due to tape and adhesive removal. The sterile formula helps protect skin under transparent film around sterile insertion sites such as tracheostomy tubes, g-tubes and j-tubes. The skin protectant can also be used in high risk friction areas such as bony prominences, between skin folds and under oxygen masks, cannulas and tubing. The liquid film forming skin protectant minimizes stinging and forms a flexible transparent barrier that conforms to awkward areas like elbows and heels. The prep wipes can extend dressing wear time and increase the interval between dressing changes when used properly. The film is waterproof and breathable, lasts up to 96 hours, hypoallergenic and pediatric tested.

Terumo also offers latex free, multi-colored tourniquets for adults and infants. The tourniquets are skin-friendly, and made from a flexible, soft ribbon that is replaceable and washable. The stable safety snap closure is easy to use with its one handed operation design. The tourniquet is metal, latex and phthalate free and is designed to not pinch or squeeze the skin.

Needles Terumo AGANI 23g x 25mm Box 100

Needles Terumo AGANI 23g x 25mm Box 100

Our Price: AUD $8.90 Excluding GST
Needles Terumo Dental 27g x 7/8 inch Short Box 100

Needles Terumo Dental 27g x 7/8 inch Short Box 100

Our Price: AUD $22.40 Excluding GST

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