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Absorbent Dressings

Absorbent dressings may be used as primary or secondary dressings to manage a variety of wound care. They are designed to be soft, comfortable and sealed to prevent pressure areas from forming. The main function of an absorbent dressing is the containment of wound fluid (exudate).

As wounds can produce various amounts of exudate and are of differing shapes and sizes, applied in certain circumstances these dressings effectively contain exudate and cellular debris and prevent micro-organisms from contaminating the wound. As these are multi layer dressings combined with highly absorbent layers of fibres they easily absorb the exudate.

These dressings help in the effective management of wounds such as minor cuts, lacerations, et cetera, where a water resistant dressing is needed. They are also used for the prevention of bacterial contamination and may be used as a secondary dressing over ointments and various other primary dressings. It is favoured in the simple and effective management of sutured wounds or other minor wounds where water resistant bandages are required. This aids in the prevention of bacterial contamination.

An absorbent dressing protects and absorbs exudate of wounds in a moist environment which promotes healing and will not stick to the wound. As a result, there is minimal pain when the dressing is removed. These dressings have a comfortable, fixative layer which combine to manage effectively various sutured wounds. This then maintains an excellent healing environment and minimal pain on dressing removal. It is an all in one tape and gauze product and secures fixation over the site of the wound.

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