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Bandages & Tapes

Medione stock an extensive range of medical bandages and tapes for wound dressing. These bandages include crepe bandages lightweight, medium weight and heavy weight. The crepe bandages are basically all purpose bandages and come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Cohesive bandages are self adhering for dressing retention in high movement areas while also protecting the wound from friction, bacteria, damage and surrounding dirt. They usually have an absorbent pad.

Conforming bandages will basically conform to the shape of the area to which it is applied. They are available in a range of styles making it useful to keep at home for wound care. This bandage is coated in material that makes it resistant to infection as well as odour. It is stretchy and elastic, lightweight, designed to be breathable but will not stick to the skin.

Tubular Protection and Support bandages are a gauze bandage which is ideal for dressing retention and patch wrapping. The tubular bandage is a supple, skin-friendly liner for plaster of Paris and synthetic casts. This bandage is inherently stretchy width-wise, which gives the material its ability to conform as well as making it comfortable to wear. It is a type of knit bandage with a tubular shape that people can wear over an extremity to secure a dressing.

Slings and triangular bandages can be used in a variety of circumstances. Slings are a form of immobilisation of affected body parts, usually broken bones and soft tissue injuries. The bandages are made of a large triangle of loose weave cloth and can be placed over a large wound. These are often used in first aid. Please refer to the Medione site for a more detailed list of the bandages and tapes we have in stock.

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