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Calcium Alginate

Alginates are extracted from a variety of species of seaweeds. An upsurge in the use of alginates in the early 1980s arose through a growing interest in the treatment of acute and chronic wounds. The dressings have three main characteristics. These are to provide a moist environment at the wound site, also absorb any exudate (fluid leaking from a wound) and to achieve haemostasis.

Alginate dressings are manufactured in a range of presentations from flat sheets to rope and ribbons. Flat sheets are usually used for superficial wounds with the rope and ribbon versions used to lightly pack cavity wounds. In addition, there are super absorbent and self-adhesive versions of alginate dressings.

One of the main reasons for selecting an alginate dressings is to manage wound exudate as it is claimed that they can absorb 15–20 times their own weight in wound fluid. . Given this outcome the use of a second absorbent dressing may be needed as a secondary dressing when alginates are used.

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