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Film Dressings

Film dressings are usually made from a thin polyurethane membrane which is coated with an adhesive. The dressing is designed to protect the wound from any damage and provide a barrier against bacteria. The dressing acts as a second skin and is usually transparent, flexible and adhesive allowing healthcare professionals to observe the wound's progress without being removed.. They are used for superficial wounds or those expected to heal without complication. The dressings are mainly used for shallow and/or simple wounds such as cuts, abrasions and scalding.

Although film dressings can provide a barrier against infection as they help to keep micro organisms out of a wound, they should not be applied to wounds that are already infected as these can produce high levels of exudate (a fluid emitted through pores or a wound). Each patient will have different wound care needs that should be considered when choosing the right product. Other films incorporate foam, an acrylic absorbent pad or have a higher MVTR (Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate) than conventional film dressings, again helping them to process moisture.

As these dressings are not able to absorb large amounts of moisture, maceration of the surrounding skin can be a problem if the wound is producing too much fluid that cannot escape. It is also important to ensure that the film adequately covers the wound, leaving a small margin, and that the surrounding skin is not wet, oily or greasy from creams or ointments. One advantage of film dressings is that they can be worn in the shower due to their waterproof properties as well as protecting wounds from contamination in vulnerable areas.

Opsite Flexifix Gentle Dressing 5cm x 5m Each

Opsite Flexifix Gentle Dressing 5cm x 5m Each

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