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The sterile range of Leukomed Post-Op dressings has a combination of unique features for successful infection prevention for all types of patients. The Leukomed range is designed to support a wide range of clinical and patient needs for acute and surgical wounds. The innovative Leukomed Post-Operative dressings range is made of highly breathable materials to prevent skin maceration and provide ideal wound healing conditions. The absorbent, cushioning, low adherent pads lock away exudate and keep the wound clean without sticking to the wound or sutures. Reliable adhesives and conforming materials provide a gentle yet safe hold, protecting the wound and ensuring high wearing comfort. The sterile barrier effectively protects against external contaminants and helps reduce the risk of surgical site infection. Trusted products like the Leukomed range provide reliable daily support to those involved in wound management, with a clear focus on creating ideal healing conditions by preserving skin function.

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