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Fixation Dressings

Fixation dressings can be used directly on the wound site. The dressing easily conforms to body contours which allows good pain relief and also controls oedema. It remains permeable thereby allowing any exudate (fluid leaking from a wound) to escape and be washed and dried off. The dressing needs to be washed with soap and water twice daily and also requires an application of oil prior to removal. These products fixate or retain dressings to protect the skin and therefore minimises any pain and trauma during dressing changes. These dressings are recommended for patients with fragile and sensitive skin.

Fixation dressings can be used in a wide variety of situations where fixation is required such as the fixation of dressings, swabs, catheters and tubes. It is breathable and water repellent for the security of the dressing and also for skin health. Pre-measured protection paper allows for convenient measurement and cutting. It has a long-lasting self-adhesive fabric which easily adapts to your body contours.

Wound sites must be protected from pathogens and further injury in order to promote healing of the wound. IV needles need to be held securely in place to protect against infection and to minimize bleeding. Fixation products for IV and wound patients prevent the displacement of needles, tubes and dressings. They are designed to protect sensitive skin and make adhesive bandages unnecessary.

The fixation dressing is a hypoallergenic, porous, adhesive, non woven tape for mobile/contoured parts of the body. It is conformable and has an adhesive retention tape for secure and quick fixation.

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