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Foam Dressings

A Foam dressing is highly comfortable and great for wounds with moderate to heavy exudate (seeping). This is very important as exudates can cause bacteria to form, damage the healthy tissue and slow the wound healing process. A Foam Dressing would benefit a wound such as a leg ulcer, burn, skin graft or pressure ulcer.

They are non-adherent, absorbent dressings that can be found in different thicknesses. Foam dressings are made of polymers like polyurethane with small open cells that trap moisture. Typically used for partial and full thickness wounds, foams dressings are known to provide a moist environment for wound healing, thermoregulation and mechanical protection. They come in different levels of absorbency with the “lite” version being for wounds with less seepage.

Foam Dressings are comfortable to wear and, as they can frequently be left undisturbed for longer periods of time they aid wound healing and patient comfort due to less dressing changes. Superior foam brands offer strong moisture management properties, small micropores to prevent any adhesion to the wound area to prevent further injury, and a water proof backing to prevent bacterial invasion.
Foam dressings can also be used around tracheostomy and gastrostomy tubes to absorb drainage. They may be applied as a primary or secondary dressing or to fill a cavity and will leave no residue in the wound upon removal.

A Foam Dressing may come with an adhesive tape around the outside to hold it in place or simply the foam itself and can be used to absorb exudate under compression bandaging. Medione stock Biatain, Lyofoam Max, Allevyn, Mepilex and the Medstock range of foam dressings to suit all levels of exudate.

Foam dressings can be contraindicated since it can cause a drying effect. They are not best for non-draining wounds and may cause excess moisture if used improperly. A secondary dressing maybe needed to secure the foam to the wound site, causing further damage to surrounding areas.

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