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Island Dressings

Island dressings consist of a sterile non-woven adhesive backing with an absorbent wound pad which provides a waterproof and bacterial barrier. As an absorbent pad it absorbs light levels of blood or exudate. Exudate is a liquid produced by the body in response to tissue damage. Exudate is a fluid, such as pus or a clear liquid that oozes out of blood vessels into nearby tissues.

The dressing absorbs blood, plasma and other fluids exiting the wound. It is used post operatively as a general surgical dressing and protection for acute surgical incisions. As the dressing absorbs excess wound fluid it provides a sterile environment and a protective barrier against further trauma.

An island dressing is applied to a wound to promote healing and also to prevent any further harm to the wound. The wound dressing is sterile, breathable and is considered most conducive for a moist healing environment, although if a wound is too moist or too dry its healing can be affected. It has been accepted that wounds kept moist heal faster than those covered with traditional dressings or those exposed to the air. This moist environment will help the wound heal faster and reduce the possibility of scarring. It promotes protection from infection, defending the wound against germs and bacteria. Watch the wound closely for signs of infection, such as redness spreading out from the wound. Always clean the wound before applying the dressing.

Island dressings are supplied in numerous shapes and sizes and include non adherent dressings, adhesive and sterile dressings for post operative wounds.

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