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Non Adherent Dressings

Non adherent dressings are basically a low adherent wound pad for pain-free removal of the dressing and it is mostly used for minor wounds. These dressings have been designed to protect the fragile tissue in wounds therefore minimising trauma upon removal of the dressing or the need for dressing changes. They are designed for draining or scabbed wounds and are highly absorbent to keep the wound dry. The dressing won't disrupt the healing tissue by sticking to the wound and they are also ideal as a primary dressing for lightly draining wounds.

Sterile non-adherent dressings are ideal for use on both first and second degree burns. It protects the fragile tissue in wounds with its unique structure. It has an advanced mesh design which is extremely comfortable for the patient and which minimises the risk of any exudate (fluid leaking from a wound) pooling and the secondary dressing having adherence to the wound. It is associated with patient comfort and minimal pain at dressing removal.

Non adherent dressings can also be utilised in the management of traumatic wounds, including skin tears and also in patients with fragile or friable skin. Any adherence of the dressing material to the skin can disrupt the formation of new cells leading to stripping of the epidermal layer and causing distress to the patient. These dressings are gentle on the skin and are suitable for use in patients with a high risk of sensitivity, such as those with leg ulcers thus minimising tissue maceration.

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